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9th Street Gym

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9th Street Gym

Here at 9th street gym we welcome you to your own personal gym. Where theres no such thing as waiting for a bench or treadmill!

Visit us Today at 900 Madison Street, Hoboken, NJ!


9th street gym equiptment

Free Weight Machines:
Cardio Machines:

Bench Press

Incline Bench Press

Military Press

Squat Racks

Smith Machines

Hammer Strength Incline

Hammer Strength Flat Bench 

Hammer Strength Shrug 




Stair Steppers


Misc Equipment:

Olympic Platforms

Olympic Rings



Battle Ropes

Jump Ropes

Medicine Balls

Bosu Balls


Pull up Bars



9th street
Gym hoboken

Welcome to 9th Street Gym, your hidden gem inside of Hoboken! Here we tout a 10,000 sq ft fully equipped gym. We encourage hard work, dedicated to fitness and the occassional grunt and weight dropping. We know what it takes to get to your fitness goal and we intend to help you get there! 

Come in enjoy your own essentially private gym where you dont have to wait for a bench or treadmil! 9th Street Gym has excelent Personal Trainers which are certified to help you train for your specific sport, reach your target body fat, hit your new pleateu and much more! 

We also have a parking lot which we share with Shoprite, park your car towards the back of the lot and take a short walk to 9th Street Gym. See you soon!

9th Street gym

Fully Equipped Hoboken Gym

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Wednesday:  6am to 9pm

Thursday to Friday:        6am to 8pm

Saturday:                          7:30am to 5pm

Sunday:                             9am to 5pm

900 Madison Street, 3rd Floor

Hoboken, NJ 07030

Tel: 201-963-7774

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